Gamification ⋅ Storytelling ⋅ Learning Experience

Mad Air Studios uses game and narrative design to create interactive and entertaining experiences around culture, arts, research, science, and knowledge generated by organizations, startups, and corporate environments.

We collaborate with creators, institutes, and arts and culture organizations in New York and around the world to make research, ideas, and knowledge accessible to public communities and employees through interaction design, gamification, and eLearning.

We’re driven by the practices of cultural R&D to reflect on how the works we create are innovative or experimental, what place they have in the history of arts, culture, and teaching & learning, and how they engage questions of critical and creative inquiry.

Mad Air Studios is founded and led by Nicole Adair, an award-winning interactive storyteller, game developer, and the studio’s principal creative consultant. She has more than 12 years of experience working in the creative arts, a PhD in Comparative Literature, as well as an MFA in Creative Writing.

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