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Mad Air Studios LLC is an independent interactive experience developer and developer relations studio in New York City dedicated to creating interactive storytelling, immersive fiction, and learning experiences through technology and new media.

Our mission throughout the creative industries and digital world is to push the bounds of experience fiction and the interactive arts by emphasizing narrative design, experimental storytelling, and learning design in our eLearning and interactive experiences.

Digital as Art & Learning

Interactive storytelling, experimental fiction, gamified digital learning pushing the bounds of what digital can do and how learning happens.

Interactive Narrative Design

eLearning game stories and interactive experiences make instruction and training engaging through text, image, animation, and SFX – among other design elements.

From Learning Experience Design to 3D Worldbuilding

Beyond the 1000 words a picture speaks to the immersive histories and ideas communicated by interactive and gamified eLearning experiences.

Gamification as Critical Inquiry

From interactive fiction to digital remediations of literature, paintings, and science, digital experiences help learners ask questions, undertake explorations, and make their own arguments.

Playing becomes learning.

Recent Projects

Explore our interactive game projects and read about the creative and cultural R&D that drives their development.

The Gurge

Non-linear narrative and experimental, interactive fiction in a game.

The Garden Plot

An immersive virtual reality garden learning simulation.

Virtual Commedia

A walking simulator “literary VR” experience of Dante’s Inferno.

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