The Squirrel Game was made as a fun 3D platformer custom birthday surprise. Designed and developed in Unreal Engine, the game’s animations are made using Mixamo characters and animations and sequenced in the Unreal Engine animation sequencer.

Narrative & Level Design

Each of the four levels in this game takes place in a different setting: the home, the park, and the street. Each level begins with a main goal: the player must gather the level’s collectibles, which also vary from one level to the next, while avoiding the myriad of perils that await them.

The cat does not want you to leave the house without her. And cookies are definitely breakfast!

The game includes coronavirus particles that threaten to get you in the park, if you run into them while maskless.

There is even a Godfather-style cameo to watch out for if you accidentally choose the wrong pizza place…

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